About Us

OK Audio is an audio-visual business that was established back in 1989. To describe what we do in one sentence, it would be that we provide one stop audio-visual solution for professional audio, public address, home karaoke, home theatre, projector, lighting and conference system. We design, build and install, determined to walk with you along your journey with us.

Our History

1989 - 1993

The Beginning

OK Audio began with nothing more than a shelf of audio equipment rented in an electronics shop. Our first foray into the world of audio started with just microphones and amplifiers. Speakers and mixers only came in later on.

1993 - 2002

The First Shop

As Malaysia usher in the karaoke era, OK Audio jumped on the bandwagon and started selling karaoke packages of mixers, amplifiers, speakers and cassette tapes. As the business grew, we were able to move into our first shop, a shoebox that was managed by three workers, Mr. Chong (the founder), his wife and his nephew.

2002 - 2006

The Expansion

As our customer base grew more varied, we started to include professional audio and public address systems into our repertoire. Our growth was customer-driven, constantly innovating and creating solutions to meet the audio needs of our customers.


The Fire

An electrical fire broke out next door. The fire spread with the wind and destroyed half of the OK Audio’s shop. We lost our storeroom and all of our stock with the fire. However, we were truly grateful that no one was hurt and for the firemen who put out the fire. Counting our blessings, we were determined to come back stronger from this incident.

2006 - 2018

The Revival

We renovated the entire shop. Towers of speakers lined the walls, two rooms were built specifically for home theatre and home karaoke, cabinets were filled with amplifiers and processors, and even musical instruments were brought in as well. We were ready for a new chapter.

2018 - Present Day

The Move

OK Audio relocated to a new address: 27 & 29, Jalan Kepayang. The move was due to the reacquisition of the old shop by the government for the light rail transit (LRT3) project. We decided to take this as an opportunity to transform and we curated segments of the new shop lot to be dedicated to specific areas of the audio world like pro-audio, PA, home audio visual and conference system. There is no telling what the new chapter is for us but we promise you that we will be the same family business dedicated to deliver the best audio-visual solution to you. The same thing that we have always done since 1989.